March 25, 2006

worldKit 3.0 released!

worldKit 3.0 is the true open source release of worldKit -- the code has been refactored into Actionscript 2.0, so worldKit can now be developed using only open source tools AND this version features the first (of many I hope) contributions from the community of worldKit developers and users.

worldKit is also now hosted on

Flash Player 7 is now required to run worldKit. With nearly the same version penetration as version 6, this should cause minimum disruption to users.

The most exciting new feature I think is support for OnEarth's optimized WMS. I'll say more in the next post.

More good stuff..

  • There are two new Javascript API functions -- JInputComm and JGetItemComm.

  • Point annotations now respect the config options linealpha, fillalpha, linethickness, linecolor.

  • Time navigation can now be controlled by key presses.

  • Many small bug fixes.

As usual, please do not hesistate to report bugs. There are some outstanding reports of image loading problems from the beta; recent fixes should with luck solve these bugs.

Posted by Mikel at March 25, 2006 11:59 AM