March 25, 2006

OnEarth Optimized WMS

OnEarth is a publicly accessible WMS hosted by NASA, serving high resolution (15m/pixel) imagery produced from the Landsat7 satellite. OnEarth also serves Blue Marble Next Generation, daily snapshots from MODIS satellites, and SRTM topography.

OnEarth is an incredibly valuable resource for open and free web mapping. An optimized tile cache of OnEarth imagery has been assembled, and with proper configuration, worldKit can access this high speed cache. The results are, well, awesome! Big thanks to Lucian Plesea for engaging with worldKit.

If global imagery required, the recommendation is to use one of the options from the OnEarth docs; also listed directly on the OnEarth website.

Posted by Mikel at March 25, 2006 12:05 PM