Finding local area maps for worldKit can be difficult. Here, you can download high quality US and Global maps and generate the N/S/E/W settings for your config.xml.

Enter latitude/longitude, street address (e.g. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC), zip code, or international city. Address geocoding courtsey Zip code geocoding by Geo::PostalCode. International geocoding from GEOnet Names Server.

Photographic and topographic maps are from the USGS; certain urban areas are available in high resolution, color images. Tiger Line maps are from the US Census (Street names will be plotted with distances approximately 1.9 km or less). Landsat imagery is from OnEarth (Only Landsat is available for international locations).

Samples:San Francisco Photo, NYC Tiger, Boston Topo, London Landsat


OR US street address/intersection:

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distance (km):
Size (<= 2000)
StylePhoto Topo Tiger
Global Satellite