May 21, 2005

worldkit 2.2

Another regular release of new features and bug fixes developed over the last month. Lots of geeky stuff and minor adjustments this time.

WMS Support!

Only hard core geowankers and GIS pros will think the exclamation point is justified; and they are warned that WMS support is completely working, but currently a bit crufty to set up in the new option <swftemplate>. The interesting capability is that multiple WMS sources can be included in a single map. Setting this up is covered in Templates/WMS.

New Configuration Options

<locupdate> can be used to receive continual updates of the map's current viewing area. <timenavpos> sets the position of the time navigator on load. <visible> can set the visibility on annotations at load.


<dayimg> can be set to blank, and no image will be loaded. Dynamic options can now be categorized. And the <geo:Point> element is now accepted in a RSS item.

<swflayer> has a number of new attributes, in line with the <swftemplate>. Despite the name, it's legal to set these to jpegs (always was, just not documented). This release also fixes a bug introduced in 2.1 in how swflayers responded to Javascript actions.

Posted by Mikel at May 21, 2005 01:02 PM