April 28, 2005

worldKit 2.1 update

Several new features released today, one month on from last month's major update.

GPS Tracklogs

There's now support for displaying GPS tracklogs in GPX format.


Click and drag for panning: The <grabber> config option enables intuitive gmaps style panning.

Zoom to annotation: The <zoomto> config enables zooming when an annotation is clicked, rather than opening a new url.

Display options

The alpha levels of lines and polygons can be set with <linealpha> and <fillalpha>

Annotation text can be displayed at the top of the map with

In image loading dialogs, the number of images left to load is specified. Also more fonts have been specified in text annotations, for some linux systems with limited fonts installed.

Javascript API

JZoomComm: Javascript can zoom and/or pan to any place on the map.

JActComm: Colors of annotations can be changed from Javascript.

Bug fixes and other minor updates

The "daynight" displaytype now works correctly for any north/south/east/west extent.

If confurl is set to NULL in dynamic options, no config file is requested. Same goes for <dataurl>.

It's now been documented that certain variations of RSS geocoding are permitted (though it's still recommended to use the geo namespace). This includes the new "geourl" namespace used in geourl RSS feeds.

Posted by Mikel at April 28, 2005 11:38 AM