June 05, 2005


I'm happy to announce the launch of the mapufacture web mapping application. Worldwide satellite and map imagery, location lookup, and geocoded RSS are brought together to build maps intuitively. worldKit is powering this one, with ajax/javascript glue smoothing out the experience, and registration for storing maps. Read the details about mapufacture.

mapufacture is exciting for many reasons. It collects free geo imagery and data from many sources, and will continue to add more. The focus is worldwide, right now. It's easier than ever for anyone to create maps, and for integration of maps in other sites. Most tantalizingly, mapufacture is poised to build aggregation on top of geocoded RSS, enabling a truly open and searchable geospatial web.

Hope you find it useful!

Posted by Mikel at June 5, 2005 11:28 AM