worldKit is an easy to use and flexible mapping application for the Web. Light weight GIS. It's a SWF based app, configured by XML, data fed by RSS. Stand-alone use or integration in larger projects.
Countries and Capitals of the Arabian Peninsula
Check out the Documentation for more detail on features. Features include ...
  • Ubiquitous use in the Flash Player and with RSS feeds.
  • Highly configurable look and feel. Can use images for marking annotations.
  • Integrates with weblogging tools, and any software producing RSS.
  • Displays photos within the map.
  • Zoom & Pan. Integrates with Zoomify for high resolution images, and WMS Sources.
  • Lines and Polygons. Time Navigation.
  • Accepts input for Collaborative Cartography & GeoWiki.
  • Annotations are categorizable. Javascript interface for GIS layer functionality.
  • GPS track routes.
Check out the Examples page for links to live uses. worldKit has been deployed for ...
  • Mapping hometowns of university students
  • An interface to collections of scientific field data
  • Mapping local resources on corporate intranet
  • Media Monitoring for within government agencies
  • Engine for collaborative city annotation
  • Mapping Photoblogging travels
  • Mapping social networks and bloggers