February 16, 2007

worldKit 3.2 .. Zoomify Improved

This is a bug fix release, but a really good one. Zoomify support has vastly improved. Zoomify integration often had problems and was causing headaches, due to some hackery in loading zoomifyViewer.swf .. well now zoomifyViewer.swf is not required any more, and Zoomify is supported natively in worldKit.

The one minus is that the navigation box in the upper left is no longer available (so the <zoomifynav> option doesn't work). That could possibly be built natively into worldKit later on.

Other small fixes..

  • <atom:updated> is now the preferred way to specify time in Atom (as per 1.0).
  • <zoomto> now triggers <onzoompan>
Posted by Mikel at February 16, 2007 06:20 PM