October 22, 2005

worldKit 2.4

This is a long overdue release. Significantly, WMS support has been radically simplified. Otherwise, it's mainly small bug fixes that have accumulated over the last few months. Get it!


Configuring WMS is now way easy. Check out the WMS docs

End Dates in Time Navigation

The end date of an event can now be specified, and worldKit will only display the item when its current in time navigation. Time docs

Atom/Blogger Feeds Fixed

Problems had been reported with Blogger Feeds and geotagging within items. This has been fixed, and atom:content is now also supported. Blogger Docs

Minor bug fixes

  • Image loading messages are corrected.
  • swflayer's can be categorized
  • Zoomify now loads at the current zoom level.
  • Categorized track logs are fixed.
  • Dynamics params are possible in ascomponent mode.

Posted by Mikel at October 22, 2005 02:55 PM