June 28, 2005

worldkit 2.3

The June update with accumulated new features and bug fixes over the last month.

Flash Component

worldKit can now be used as a Flash Component in other Flash movies. Well, just about. Load it in your movie from Actionscript, and control by setting the Javascript API variables.

Minor new features

<linethickness> sets the width of tracks, lines, and polygons.

GPX logs are now categorizable, and respect the values of <linecolor>, <linealpha>, and <linethickness.

JLoadComm can be set to "clear" to remove all current annotations, from the Javascript API.

Annotation Input now includes an "extent" variable, the west/south/east/north extent of the current map view.

Bug fixes

There was a bug affecting the request of the "updateurl", when <uniqueurls> was set to true. Now resolved.

If annotation input was made immediately after the map was loaded, the lat/long passed on was incorrect. Now resolved.

Posted by Mikel at June 28, 2005 08:29 PM