Users Manual
Zoomify for Images
Zoomify is an image processor and Flash viewer, for creating fast, high-res, interactive zoom and pan images on the Web. It saves bandwith by only requesting imagery required for the current viewing resolution of the image. worldKit integrates Zoomify to present high resolution base map images.

To use Zoomify with worldKit, follow these steps.

  1. Download and install the Mac or Win Zoomifyer EZ.

  2. Run the Zoomifyer EZ Application. It will prompt you to select an image for processing, and will produce a subdirectory in the same directory as the image.

  3. Upload the contents of this directory (ImageProperties.xml and TileGroup*) to a directory on your server.

  4. Configure worldKit to use Zoomify. Set <displaytype> to "zoomify". Specify the directory containing your Zoomify image in <zoomifydir>.

  5. The <width> and <height> of the map must be in the same ratio as the width and height of the zoomified image.

  6. You may want to consult the Zoom and Pan options. By default, <toolbar> is set to true for zoomify display.

Also, available for download is a Blue Marble Earth image, Zoomify'd and ready for use with worldKit. Get that from here.

Changes: zoomifyViewer.swf is no longer required. And the configuration option <zoomifynav> is no longer supported following changes in how zoomify is integrated into worldKit.