Users Manual
config.xml is a simple XML file, which sets the parameters of worldKit. It is requested from the same directory as the HTML file that embeds worldKit.swf.

The following is the sample config.xml included in the package.
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
The root node of config.xml is <worldkitconf>. The rest of the file is simply child nodes, specifying the values of the configuration paramaters. The parameters relating to visual appearance are described in the next sections. Other parameters are described throughout the manual.

Important: Two parameters always required are <width> and <height>, and their values should match the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes in the HTML. (This repitition is required because worldKit.swf does not have access to the HTML attributes.)

Style Parameters
Sizes and Colors Zoom and Pan

Besides the toolbar options below, the keyboard can be used to control zoom and pan. The arrow keys control pan, Z zooms in, and A zooms out.

Window and Plot Timing