Users Manual
worldKit has some support for mapping GPS tracklogs, via GPX. GPX is an XML interchange format for GPS data, and many desktop programs that interface with GPS units can output this format. gpsbabel is a free utility for reading many types of GPS, and writing out GPX, and is available for many OS. has a decent tutorial on using gpsbabel.

At this point, worldKit has support to draw a single tracklog from any one GPX file. Fuller support of the spec should follow in the future.

To specify a GPX tracklog, use the <gpx> config option. A unique id string must be specified in an id attribute. The value of this tag is a url for accessing the GPX file. Multiple files can be specified.

<gpx id="gpx1">hike.gpx</gpx>
<gpx id="gpx2">bike.gpx</gpx>
GPX tracklogs are categorizeable with the optional "category" attribute, and respect the style values of <linealpha>, <linecolor>, and <linethickness>.