Users Manual
Moveable Type
To enable Moveabletype to publish Geocoded RSS, use Timothy Appnel's Meta Plugin. Its described as "a simple lightweight Movable Type plugin for displaying embedded meta data in either keywords or text_more fields represented in a basic XML format". That XML format has root tag meta, with a single layer of XML tags and values, which are then available as key-value pairs to any MoveableType template.

Install the plugin on your Moveabletype server, and choose to use either the keywords or text_more field for entering geographic metadata (well assume keywords from here on). Make sure that field is visible on the Edit Entry screen, by the "Customize the display of this page" link. When writing an entry, you enter that small bit of markup, indicating the lat/lon of the entry.

You'll next need to edit one of the RSS templates on the Edit Templates screen. There are several MoveableType tags implemented by the Meta plugin. Used as follows within an RSS <item>, a lat/lon will be added to the RSS feed whenever they are present.
<MTMeta field="keywords">
  <MTMetaValueExists name="lat">
  <MTMetaValueExists name="lon">
    <georss:point><$MTMetaValue name="lat"$> <$MTMetaValue name="lon"$></georss:point>
Finally, dont forget to declare the geo namespace, by adding the following attribute to the root rss tag (xmlns:georss="").
Radio Userland
The Location tool uses Radios callback mechanisms to add latitude and longitude inputs to the post form, and includes those entries in the RSS file. Just download and install the tool, and its all set.

The tool also defines a tag to include in itemTemplate.txt, locationlink, which displays a small globe linking to a map of the location specified. Use it like this.

Other Weblog/CMS Software
Zope/Plone: PloneWorldKit is an out of the box web mapping solution for ZOPE/Plone.

WordPress: There has been a bit of work on integrating WordPress and worldKit. Check in with the progress on WordPress Wiki: worldKit

Drupal: Likewise with Drupal: Geourl & mapping module

Joomla: An Exclusive G.I.S. Solution for Joomla mapping is an experiment in using as a collaborative geo-annotation database. worldKit can use geocoded RSS feeds, via proxy.

flickr: Try out the mapping flickr service. This perl script is used to translate flickr urls into geocoded RSS, via the Flick API.