Users Manual
Flash Component
worldKit can be used as a "Component" in your Flash movies. It can be loaded into a movie from Actionscript, positioned and controlled, almost but not quite as a full component. This feature is Beta. We have received some reports of sluggish performance. Investigating.

worldKit will function as usual: requesting config.xml, images, and rss, and building a map, all within your Flash application. The only modification necessary to the config is to set <ascomponent>true</ascomponent>. To include worldKit in your movie, create an empty movie clip then load worldkit.swf. For example..

Note you can pass in dynamic parameters, in the same ways as for HTML.

You can then position worldKit, or set visibility, etc. But do not set the _width or _height, or _xscale or _yscale; these are still set in config.xml.

_root["wk"]._x = 100;
_root["wk"]._y = 100;
You can control any aspect of worldKit accessible via the Javascript API, by setting those variables directly in _root.
_root.JZoomComm = "50,0,250"; //zoom to lat=50, long=0, zoom=250;