Users Manual
Annotation Input
worldKit can be used as an input device. A user can click on the map, and worldKit will open a url, appended with the latitude and longitude of the clicked location. With the lat/long, your CGI can add an annotation to the map, or perform other functions like searching a database.

The map must be active and accepting keyboard input, by a mouse click. A user enters into Input Mode by typing the "i" key. All present annotations will be hidden and the cursor replaced by a crosshair icon. Leave Input Mode by typing "i" again. Within Input Mode, a click on a location trigger input.

Alternately, with the configuration option <inputonly> set to "true", the map will always be in Input Mode.

Set the url with the configuration option <annotateurl>. Clicks open this url appended with "&lat=[LAT]&long=[LONG]&zoom=[ZOOM]&extent=[EXTENT]". extent is the west,south,east,north extent of the current map view. If you want to have Javascript handle the click, read here.

If the configuration option <locupdate> is set to "true", worldKit will call the annotation url, with the current center position, any time the map is moved. This can be used with a javascript handler to provide constant updates on the map location.

Note: during Input Mode, the red selection box for zooming (<zoomselect>) will not function.